Accelerated Underwriting

From a traditional paper application to an easy, faster digital experience, choose the best path for your qualified clients to enjoy lab-free approvals.

Inspired by a tradition of innovation, Legal & General America is simplifying and streamlining the life insurance application process — making it faster and easier for your customers to get the life insurance policies they need.

We’re continuing the next step in our journey by using new technology and tools that enhance our ability to assess underwriting risk using data rather than fluids. We’re currently expanding our accelerated underwriting process with the addition of our new exam/lab substitution program, Lab Lift — giving customers a better-than-ever chance of experiencing an lab-free approval process.


Learn about our underwriting philosophy 

Hear from our Chief Pricing Officer, Fred Tavan, outline the difference between automated and accelerated underwriting.

Lab Lift

Lab Lift Exam Substitution Program

Our new exam substitution program, Lab Lift, is the latest accelerated underwriting enhancement for your clients whether they use the paper or digital application. With Lab Lift, clients who are not initially approved lab-free now have the option to substitute recent electronic health records (EHR), if available, or an attending physician statement (APS) for a paramedical exam. The best part? Eligible clients ages 20-60 can enjoy up to $2 million in coverage, at the same competitive price. Lab-free has never been this easy. 

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Speed through the application process:


Digital Application

Our digital application is the fastest, easiest method to apply for life insurance. With built-in automated underwriting and real-time decisions, this path offers the best chance for an accelerated, lab-free experience for eligible customers.

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 Paper Application

While we encourage digital applications, paper applications are still available. Lab Lift allows eligible applicants to be approved without a paramedical exam using medical records from recent physician visits and completed blood work.

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Digital Application

Our digital application with built-in accelerated underwriting, makes applying for life insurance easier, faster, and better than ever before.

As your client completes the secure online application, automated underwriting rules run simultaneously to determine the next steps. Our platform quickly obtains requirements and makes real-time decisions — allowing eligible cases to be approved lab-free in as little as a few hours, pending review. The Digital AppAssist phone support team is there every step of the way to answer questions and help clients complete the application.

With the launch of Lab Lift, even those who were not initially approved lab-free will have the opportunity to substitute recent blood work for a paramedical exam.

Expanded eligibility

  • Ages 20-60
  • Up to $2 million in coverage

Faster decisions

  • Standard Plus underwriting class or better
  • Real-time decisions with reflexive questions

More lab-free cases

  • Cases approved in as little as a few hours
  • Lab Lift exam substitution available for clients who aren't initially approved lab-free

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Lab Lift Digital Applications Summary


Lab Lift Digital Applications Overview


Lab Lift Requirements & Eligibility


Lab Lift Paper Applications Overview


Lab Lift Paper Applications Summary

Paper Application

While we encourage agents to drop a ticket to start a digital application, we understand the need for some clients to take the traditional paper application route. With the launch of our exam substitution program, Lab Lift, these clients also have the opportunity to be approved without the need for paramedical exams or fluids.


You choose which clients are a good fit

Have a client eligible for Lab Lift? Submit a simple one-page cover sheet with the paper application, including the last date blood work was completed and physician information.

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Lab Lift Eligibility 

  • Ages 20-60
  • Physician visit + blood work in the last 18 months

Exam Substitution

  • Lab Lift allows clients to substitute a paramedical exam with a recent physician visit + blood work
  • Submit a simple cover sheet with the application for consideration

1-2 weeks for approval

  • Up to $2 million in coverage with Lab Lift
  • No new exams or blood work