Campaigns in a box

Each kit includes engaging flyers, social posts, and more for you to generate interest and grow sales. 

Our campaigns

Every week for four weeks, we have developed a regular cadence of touchpoints so you can share relevant information and attract attention while encouraging your contacts to join the conversation.


Make Your Mark: marketing to women

This campaign addresses the financial realities faced by women, and positions life insurance as a solution for financial wellness, economic development, family caregiving, and social advancement. 

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Let’s Get Awkward: marketing uncomfortable topics

Because no one really likes talking about death or finances, we’ve framed the conversation around protecting families and loved ones—things everyone can comfortably speak to.

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Dispel Millennial Myths: marketing to Millennials

The youngest generation of life insurance customers doesn’t just have a different set of financial goals. They have a completely different language. This campaign helps you speak on their terms about term life.

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Looking for something less structured?

If you have a specific prospect or communication in mind that doesn’t need to follow a complete four-week campaign, check out our “Build Your Own” marketing materials—ready for you to personalize and share. 

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