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We’ve worked hard to be one of the top term life companies, but we don’t make time for victory dances. We have a competitive edge to offer our partners and their customers (and their beneficiaries), and we want to keep it.

For starters, no other company has an offering like our Horizon Experience coupled with more than 70 years of expertise, trust, financial strength — and the promise to be here for generations to come.

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We’re making the traditional APS a thing of the past. Get hassle-free coverage for your clients.

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Ahead of the game — so your clients win

The Horizon Experience. Here to protect more families — and here to stay.

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We're committed to helping you take on your business challenges head on.

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We’re part of one of the world’s largest insurance companies backed by the financial strength of Legal & General Group so we’ve got your back when you need us. As a term market leader with decades of expertise we offer product options nationwide. Learn how you can help us protect more families and businesses today.

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Competitively priced products. Ultra-fast decisions and cycle times. Exam-free journeys for more than half our customers, regardless of age or underwriting class. A mobile-friendly application. All part of our solution to help advisors protect the more than 100 million in the US who need life insurance coverage.

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