In a world of constant digital transformation, it can be tough to keep up. Here are tips and tricks for how to leverage the latest technology.

Technology that makes connecting with family and friends easier

With all things now digital, making a connection with loved ones is easier than ever. Here's a list of ideas for connecting with friends and family.

21st Century Home Security: Exploring the options

Securing our homes has evolved to become much less physically demanding and maybe even a bit more fun in the modern age, helping to put minds at ease while at work, on a business trip or even while playing in the backyard.

Technology that makes going green easier

Aside from recycling and shutting off the lights when you leave a room, what can you really do, day-to-day, that will make a difference? Well, there’s quite a bit actually, and innovative technology is at the center of it.

Technology that helps expand life expectancy

There is a whole slew of technological advances that not only improve our quality of life but also affect how long we live (in a good way). Crazy to think that “fun” tech can have a real impact on life expectancy, isn’t it?

Technology that makes every day easier

Smart technology not only simplifies our lives, but it can also help save us money and make our homes more secure. But how do you distinguish what’s actually useful from what’s just hype?

Technology that makes parenting easier

We've pulled together a list of the top six tech-based tools out there to bring joy and fun to your role as a parent and create a safer and more comfortable environment for your family.