Are you a recent first-time homebuyer? A fresh graduate taking that first step toward officially 'adulting'? We've put together some helpful tips to get through all of life's what if's. 

family dinner

How to gracefully decline holiday gatherings

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5 reasons why being a parent is the best job in the world

Having a “career” as a parent is challenging, no doubt about it. But it’s also hugely rewarding and provides a lifetime of things to look forward to. Here are five reasons why being a parent is the best job you will ever have.

How to achieve your fitness goals

Getting in shape begins with setting a goal. But remember, that’s just the beginning. The next step is turning that goal into a plan, and ultimately setting that plan in motion while ditching excuses to skip the gym.

To buy or not to buy: What to think about before starting a house search

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting “adult” things you can do – but it’s also one of the scariest. Consider the facts, do your homework and put your roots down when and where it makes sense for you.

6 tips to start your new job off on the right foot

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Making the move: The ultimate checklist for buying and moving into a new home

We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re preparing to move, so here’s a handy checklist covering everything we think you’ll need to consider.

Coping with the loss of a loved one

While life will never be the same after a loss, it’s so important to give yourself time to acknowledge, experience and work through your grief. Here are some helpful resources to get you through this tough time.