70 years of expertise meets real-time automation.

We’re known in the industry for making well-informed, timely underwriting decisions on behalf of our agents and their clients. We make the process fast and easy — while maintaining competitive pricing! And, we give clients one simple journey, with built-in instant, accelerated, lab-free experiences based on eligibility and availability.


Useful underwriting resources

Our underwriting field guide and build chart give you a preview of ideal client profiles, rate class requirements, underwriting criteria and options, and other useful information.

Download Field Guide (.pdf)
Download substandard build chart (.pdf)

What if you could call a prospective client over your morning coffee and have their policy approved before lunchtime?

Accelerated underwriting

For the best end-to-end experience, you can leverage LGA’s enhanced technology. Our digital application, accelerated underwriting and processing help to increase efficiency and productivity. It's all part of the Horizon Experience.

Benefits of accelerated underwriting:

  • Real-time decisions with instant approvals (or within a few hours)
  • Over 50% of cases approved without the need for exams
  • More clients covered, faster!

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Tech_Laptop_Cloud_RGBLab Lift exam substitution program

Our exam substitution program is an accelerated underwriting enhancement for your clients, whether they use the paper or digital application. With Lab Lift, clients who are not initially approved exam-free have a new option! We can substitute recent electronic health records (EHR), if available, or an attending physician statement (APS) for a paramedical exam.

Eligible clients ages 20-60 can enjoy up to $2 million in coverage, at the same competitive price.

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blue-needle-iconThe cure for white-coat syndrome

Exam-free journeys. For more than half of your clients.

Learn more about our accelerated underwriting process with the addition of our exam/lab substitution program, Lab Lift — giving customers a better-than-ever chance of experiencing an exam-free approval process.