Of course, we all plan to live forever. But if that doesn't work out, you need a back up plan. Find out if life insurance makes sense for you.

What is a children's life insurance rider?

Learn how our children's life insurance rider works and the advantages of using this policy add-on.

5 reasons why a 40-year term life insurance policy could be right for you

We are proud to be the only insurance provider to currently offer a 40-year term product in the US, providing a solution to a much-overlooked need in the marketplace. Is a 40-year term life insurance policy right for you?

How to save money by laddering your life insurance

Financial needs generally tend to evolve with time. By laddering your life insurance, you can save money while still meeting all your coverage needs throughout the different stage of your life.

Why protecting your family financially means everything

No matter your life stage, there is a life insurance policy that can meet your family’s specific needs to help ensure no one is left in a bind should something unexpected happen. Life insurance is one of the keys toward protecting your family financially.

Accelerated Underwriting: A Guide to No Exam Life Insurance

We're committed to streamlining the life insurance process in every way. That's why we offer a lab-free option for our term life insurance policies. Read more to find out if you might be eligible.

Why it's time to buy life insurance online

Buying life insurance used to be a complicated process that could take weeks or months, now it can be completed in just a few short steps from the comfort of your couch. But is it really the best way to buy life insurance?