Frequently asked questions

Let us help you and your clients get up to speed with our most popular digital processes.
  • How does a client apply?

    Our digital application is the quickest, easiest method to apply for life insurance. It offers the best chance for an accelerated, lab-free experience.
  • Do I need to use my office PC?

    Nope, you can complete the application or access our self-service portal from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • How long does an application typically take?

    It shouldn’t take longer than about 20 or 30 minutes total to complete, depending on which digital application method you choose.
  • Who can qualify for accelerated underwriting?

    Men and women age 20 through 60 years old, up to $2M coverage, any term duration.
  • What if my client isn’t in perfect health?

    With Preferred Plus, we can consider clients who occasionally smoke cigars and cannabis, live with high cholesterol and hypertension, or have non-melanoma skin cancer. With Preferred, we can even consider clients with well-controlled depression and anxiety, well-controlled asthma, and mild sleep apnea.
  • How do I know when a client completes an application?

    You will receive an email as soon as they hit “Submit.”
  • What happens if a client isn’t initially approved lab-free?

    Our Lab Lift program is automatically included as the next step. It substitutes electronic health records (EHRs), an attending physician statement (APS), or recent lab results for a paramedical exam so your client can still receive an accelerated underwriting decision.
  • Is my client likely to receive instant underwriting approval?

    More than 30% of cases receive an instant decision. If not, they automatically proceed to accelerated underwriting. Most cases we receive are approved without the need for any additional exam or lab work.
  • How do I check the status of my client’s application?

    Just log into Application Manager through the LGA Partner Dashboard or check for case status from our electronic status feeds. You will also receive a notification whenever an underwriting decision is made.
  • What does “automated underwriting” mean?

    Automated Underwriting is essentially technology that is leveraged throughout the application journey to do the mundane tasks that an underwriter would normally do, such as ordering requirements, evaluating data sources, and in some cases running rules to make a decision.
  • What does “accelerated underwriting” mean?

    Even if a client does not qualify for automated underwriting, they can still apply through a lab-free journey if they meet eligibility requirements. Medical records may need to be obtained, but it’s still a shortened, easy, lab-free process.
  • What is “Instant Decision?”

    This is determined when the automated underwriting platform instantaneously evaluates a case and provides a real-time offer or decision once an application is submitted.
  • What is “Lab Lift?”

    Lab Lift is our exam substitution program. With Lab Lift, clients who are not initially approved for Instant Decision can replace their paramedical exam requirement with EHR or APS for accelerated underwriting.
  • What are EHR and APS?

    EHR stands for “electronic health records” and APS stands for “attending physician statement.” We substitute these records for paramedical exams, whenever possible, for accelerated underwriting decisions. We will try to obtain an EHR first, but will obtain an APS when the EHR is not available.    
  • What are the eligibility requirements for accelerated underwriting?

    Accelerated underwriting is for men and women between the ages of 20 and 60, offering up to $2M of face amount, any term duration. Things that could disqualify an applicant include weight, chronic or long-term illness, major medical condition, recent bankruptcy, and other factors related to health and finances.
  • How long does it take to receive an underwriting decision?

    Instant Decision: Immediately upon receiving a submitted application

    Lab-Free Underwriting: As little as 10 days with sufficient EHR

    Full Underwriting: As quickly as two weeks, depending on receipt of necessary records and exams