A-List Term

Deliver life insurance for your clients' top earners with A-List Term, a multi-life group term carve-out program — paid for by the employer — for the benefit of their employees.

A-List Term is a unique carve-out solution specifically designed for the institutional purchase of individual life insurance for highly-compensated employees. Making the case for A-List Term is easy, as you probably already have contacts in companies that want to provide their executives, partners and other highly paid employees with benefits more comprehensive than traditional group term.


A-List Term possibilities:

  • Carve-out a piece of a group life plan and replace it with A-List Term.
  • Supplement coverage on top of a group life plan.
  • Replace another carve-out plan.
  • Target corporate-owned plans like buy-out, key-man etc.

Carve out a new market with A-List Term. Bring peace of mind to your clients and their employees. And a bigger piece of the pie for you.

A benefit heavy, affordable, portable, convertible, simple, one-of-a-kind package for your top-of-the-line clients and their A-List employees.

What agents and Fortune 500 clients say about choosing A-List Term

“We were looking for a Life Insurance plan for our highly compensated employees, that had provisions stronger than traditional group term life. But we still wanted term insurance. A-List Term was the solution: easy to understand and easy to implement.”

Global Human Resource Director

"I heard about A-List Term and the next day I contacted my BGA. He suggested a conference call with Dye & Eskin. We talked about my prospect and reviewed solutions and administration. The result: 169 employees covered by A-List Term with a premium of $323,000. Great teamwork!”


“We needed to upgrade our life insurance program for our management and executive classes to be more competitive with our peer companies. Our advisor suggested we take a look at A-List Term as the best model to fit our needs: more coverage, portability, not experience rated. Perfect for us. The Result: 93 people insured with A-List Term with an annual premium of $114,000.”

A-List Term Client

Reward Top Talent

Companies large and small can keep their highly compensated employees (over $100k) happy.


Win 4 Ways

Find opportunities to carve-out, add-on, replace group coverage or serve corporate buy-out/key-man needs.


No Administration

Our administrator, Dye & Eskin, Inc., takes care of all plan administration so you can take care of your next client.


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