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The Horizon Experience

Technology with a human touch

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A more human way to buy and sell life insurance

The Horizon Experience is our people-first approach to moving your business forward in a digital world. It’s adapting to your environment — with flexibility and simplicity that empowers you to interact and work faster with your clients.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to strengthen and enhance our digital offerings, life insurance products, underwriting capabilities, and most importantly, our working relationships with advisors like you.

For your clients, Horizon is customized and personalized service the way they want it — whether that means a solo journey through our digital app, some help along the way from you, or a hand from our skilled in-house AppAssist team.

We’ll never lose sight that while technology will continue to be key, life insurance is all about people. And we’re all about helping people.

white-stethoscope-iconUnified underwriting path

We want to keep the process fast and easy, which is why our underwriting roadmap keeps clients on one simple journey, with built-in pathways to instant, accelerated, lab-free experiences based on eligibility and availability.

More than 50% of clients are approved without the need for any exams


The Horizon Experience

With dozens of benefits baked in, the Horizon Experience provides greater flexibility and simplicity making it easier than ever to provide your clients with life insurance coverage.

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Fintech built for insurance and people

The Horizon Experience includes a portfolio of end-to-end digital capabilities and automated processes that provide speed, flexibility and convenience for advisors and clients.


Digital Application — it keeps getting better

Our smart and streamlined digital application makes it easy for clients to apply online anytime, on any device in less than 15 minutes. The technology we use is built for the future to adapt to enhancements and other new capabilities.


Advisor Application — a game-changing alternative to paper

This new feature allows the advisor — or the advisor and the client — to start the application process with just a few data points and help them through the entire process (we’re the only carrier in the country with this digital capability). It reduces application time, speeds up cycle times and lets clients get back to their lives faster.


Digital AppAssist (tele-application) — the best of two worlds

All the benefits of Legal & General America’s experienced in-house team are paired with the speed and efficiencies of the digital application. If preferred, a 30-minute phone interview to complete the application can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

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Accelerated Underwriting — more chances for lab-free decisions

Built into the digital application are accelerated underwriting opportunities. Decisions can happen instantly (20% of our cases) or in just a few hours for eligible applicants. And more than 50% of cases are approved lab-free, with future enhancements on the way.


Lab Lift exam substitution program

With the Lab Lift exam-substitution program, eligible applicants can use recent lab work to substitute traditional exams with Electronic Health Records or an Attending Physician’s Statement at no additional cost. Adding Lab Lift to our accelerated underwriting opportunities in the digital application greatly increases the chance for lab-free approvals.


Digital delivery (offer/pay/issue)

Digital delivery allows clients to receive a policy offer, and then pay, finalize and download their policy in minutes. That means advisors can collect commissions faster. Case status is updated in real-time, and email or text reminders help clients complete the process.

Digital resources for growth

We believe in making it easy to understand our products and find the tools you need for success in your business. From custom tools to personalized marketing materials, our resources are online and accessible to you anytime anywhere.