21st Century Home Security: Exploring the options


Far gone are the days of relying on rocks, sticks and other natural resources to protect the ones we love, as the cavemen did once upon a time. Lucky for us, securing our homes has evolved to become much less physically demanding and maybe even a bit more fun in the modern age, helping to put minds at ease while at work, on a business trip or even while playing in the backyard. In 2017 75% of home security installations included smart control features, making securing a home much more interactive and engaging. Welcome to the smart home future.
Here are 5 ways technology has evolved – taking home security systems well into the 21st century – to provide you and your family with an added level of comfort no matter where you are. 
  1. From long wait times to DIY set-up. When it came to putting bars on windows years ago, that was a project for handymen and women, one that might be considered “DIY”. But when tech systems were introduced to the market, that meant installation by a professional, which also meant making multiple appointments with sales associates and installation professionals to select and set up the system. The process could take weeks.
    Today, there are a number of smart systems that are simple enough to install yourself, allowing you to secure your home and family in as little as one day (without those pesky two-year contracts).
  3. From trusting your gut to complete mobility. Growing up, do you remember your parents shouting from the car, “Did you remember to lock the door?”, before heading out on a family excursion? Securing the family home has always been a no-brainer, from locking doors and windows to closing the garage door and then double checking once more before hitting the road.
    Today, it’s no longer just about relying on memory to ensure the house is secure before heading out for a weekend getaway. There are near-endless opportunities to check in on your residence regardless of where you are. For example, video doorbells allow you to see who’s at the door even when no one’s home. And, you can even speak to visitors from smartphones and tablets. 
  5. From relying on deadbolts to security customization. Your parents and grandparents may have made due with a deadbolt, or maybe even a garage code and an alarm at the front door. But today, families can choose to make sure every point of entry is monitored and secure at all times. From entry and motion sensors and key fobs to outdoor cameras and panic buttons, it’s a chooser’s market when it comes to keeping unwanted visitors out  (or keeping your teenager from using the bedroom window as a means to evade curfew).
  6. From motion lights to video surveillance. For generations, motion sensors and lights have alerted homeowners to the possibility that something was amiss. The best even sent a signal to emergency responders. Today, there’s no need to wonder whether the cat tipped over the trash bin or if someone is trespassing thanks to video surveillance.
    Video surveillance is not only affordable for most budgets, but its quality also surpasses anything previous generations had access to. Home surveillance systems that incorporate high-definition, live stream video help take the guesswork out of determining who or what is causing a ruckus outside your home.
  8. From warding off unwanted visitors to complete home and family protection. You’ve worked hard to keep your family in a safe community, but the unfortunate truth is break-ins can happen just about anywhere. And while home security systems of the past might have caught that break-in before it happened, today’s systems can protect your family from so much more. From carbon monoxide to smoke and fire detection, you now have the freedom to choose a system that will alert authorities of the dangers that threaten any home.
With these home security features in mind, the next step is deciding what your goals are for securing your property. Do you want to check in on your pup from work or peek in at a little one without disturbing her slumber? Or, maybe you want to go all out, incorporating the bells and whistles for maximum security. Once goals are set, make a list of the features, then do a quick inventory of the home security systems on your radar to find out which meet your needs. Check in with family, friends and trusted neighbors to learn about the systems they use that are exceeding expectations.
You can’t put your loved ones in a bubble. But technological advances have opened up a wealth of new possibilities in home security, so you can keep your home comfortable, safe and more secure than ever before.