Technology that makes parenting easier

Remember when you first found out you were having a baby? And, those incredible feelings of overwhelming joy and excitement…followed almost immediately by total fear and panic?
There aren't many life experiences that combine opposite emotions quite like having a baby. And it’s nearly impossible to prepare for the onslaught of those feelings and the physical demands that are soon to follow. Good thing there are many effective tools (there really are!) to help you embrace the excitement, quell the fears and navigate those first few nights, weeks and months. In fact, you might even start feeling like a pro over time– but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The role technology plays when you’re expecting

It’s likely that you let tech figure out which route you take to get to work, which new restaurant to check out and even how many steps you take in a day, so why not rely on a few really smart and handy tech tools to help you and your little bundle of joy be as comfortable and happy as possible?
Of course, when it comes to new technology, it can be overwhelming to know even where to begin – there’s a new gadget for anything and everything...and then some. Well, we did some of the heavy-lifting for you and pulled together a list of the top six tech-based tools out there to bring joy and fun to your role as a parent and create a safer and more comfortable environment for your family. 
  1. A smart monitor
    When you first have a baby, you’ll probably be worried when he or she makes any noise or any move, no matter how small. A smart monitor can help stem the panic by not only allowing you total visibility at all times, but many now offer two-way audio and even temperature and humidity metrics, so you can soothe your baby while you run to the kitchen to get that tenth cup of coffee.

  2. A no-touch baby thermometer
    It’s virtually inevitable – at some point, your baby will likely have a fever, or you will be convinced that your baby has a fever. But unlike adults, who can handle under-the-tongue or in-the-ear thermometers, babies tend to not be as thrilled with being poked or prodded. A no-touch thermometer enables you to take your baby’s temperature accurately and quickly without increasing your baby’s discomfort

  3. A sleep noise app
    There are few things, if any, more precious than sleep...for both you and your newborn. Before you start making hour-long drives around the neighborhood your go-to, sleep-inducing routine, give a sleep noise app a try. White noise apps can be effective, but there are even apps that record your voice, helping to sooth your child…and the repeat it on loop! That can mean a steady stream of comforting “shhhhh’s,” lulling your baby into a sweet and, hopefully, deep sleep.

  4. A spout cover with temperature gauge
    Bathtime can be a trying time for many newborns. Not only can the sensation of water be disorienting but, if the temperature isn’t just so, it can make the experience even more unpleasant, not to mention potentially dangerous, for baby and parent alike. Using a spout cover with a temperature gauge takes the guessing out of the “is it too hot?” game and allows you to consistently get to that “this isn’t so bad, is it?” status every bathtime.

  5. A self-warming bottle
    Speaking of temperatures, bottles can be surprisingly tricky. When you’re out of the house, a bottle at the perfect temperature is a near impossibility. And even when you’re home, you can spend a good amount trying to get that bottle just right. A self-warming bottle allows you to set the desired temperature, and maintain it. So, whether you’re on the road or in the living room, a precisely-heated bottle is ready whenever that hungry cry strikes.

  6. A stroller with integrated speakers 
    Sometimes the motion of being in a stroller can soothe a baby. And sometimes, you need backup. Strollers with integrated speakers allow you to play the sounds and lullabies that comfort and calm your baby, no matter where you might be. They’re also especially useful for active parents who are looking forward to getting back into their exercise routine post-baby, keeping your baby calm and relaxed while you work up to run that next 5K. 
There you have it — six technology tools to help you as you embark on your new life as a parent. The good news is, many have tread this path before you, and some of them were geniuses, inventing the tools above and many more to make the parenthood experience just a little bit easier for those that follow. 


Please note that the information provided is not intended to be a recommendation. It is for general information but where required or depending on your personal circumstances you should always seek professional guidance.