5 reasons why being a parent is the best job in the world

A mountain of laundry towers above the sofa and dishes pile on the countertop as you rush to make sure everyone gets to school, soccer practice and band rehearsal on time. If you’re a parent, you know exactly how tough it can be to keep the house in order, get everyone where they need to be and make sure the family, including yourself, is well-fed and rested to tackle another day.
Despite the multitasking and unique challenges faced on an almost daily basis when it comes to raising children, in your mind, there’s only one answer to the question: “Is parenthood really the job for me?” That answer is a resounding yes. Is it easy? No way. But nothing worthwhile ever is.
No matter what field you have built your career in, here are five reasons why being a parent is the best job you will ever have. 

  1. You’re making a difference 
  2. Topping the list of many millennials’ ideal job description is the ability to do something that matters – to be part of something bigger. Whether you’re helping a future Secretary of Energy sort recycling for the first time or playing a less than life-or-death game of Operation with a future surgeon before bedtime, as a parent, every day you will be doing work that makes a difference. And, it won’t always feel like work. 
    There’s certainly pressure that comes with being a parent, but the beauty is you get to help shape your child’s life by teaching them lessons that will last past your lifetime. You’re teaching them wrong from right and everything in between, and sharing laughs along the way. This is the greatest responsibility anyone could ever have.

  3. The gig comes with unparalleled job security 
  4. Gone are the days when a person works for just one company throughout her career, climbing the ranks and building a solid future. From industry-disrupting technological advances to mid-life career changes, a lot stands between the job you hold at 30 and the job you’ll hold heading into retirement. But as a parent, you’ll never desire to change roles or wish you had chosen a different path. No economic downturn will ever lessen your child’s demand for your services. And robots aren’t going to take your job.

    Your kids are always going to be your kids, and thank goodness for that. Really, what would you do without them?


  5. Location independence, you choose when and where 
  6. With the exception of attending parent-teacher conferences and, one day, co-signing loans, you won’t be stuck behind a desk with this gig. Whether you’re visiting relatives with your toddler in tow or dishing out advice to a teen with a flat tire over the phone, parenting is one job you can do wherever you are.  And unlike business trips, you get to decide on your travel plans in the form of family vacations. Disney, a weekend trip to the lake, or even a backyard bonfire with s’mores – the opportunities are endless, and it’s all up to you. 

  7. You’re backed by a comprehensive mentoring program 
  8. For the last two decades, official career mentorship programs have become a staple at many of the country’s most successful corporations. But not even the best can touch the mentorship of parents, in-laws, and that lady behind you in line at the grocery store. Experienced parents have learned a lot the hard way, and most are eager to share their struggles and triumphs with newer parents. While you don’t have to act on every word of advice you receive, this is one of the best perks of parenthood – the community that stands behind you.

  9. There’s a great retirement package 
  10. Parenting comes with countless joys of its own – from first birthdays and school plays to that final at-bat in senior year. But, arguably, the best benefit of the job shows up once retirement kicks in. Grandchildren! Evidence suggests that spending time with grandchildren can reduce the risk of depression, increase mental sharpness, and even add years to your life. Perhaps you can use some of them to catch up on the sleep you might be missing now.
The “career” as a parent can be challenging, no doubt about it. But the job is hugely rewarding and provides a lifetime of things to look forward to. So when it gets hard, remind yourself that your efforts are making a difference that no one else can replicate. It’s okay if you don’t get everything right every time. You're doing your best each day, and when your kids know that you really love them you can’t go wrong. 
The long days give way to short years. And then, if you’re lucky, you will be rewarded with long days once more – those that are filled with the giggles of grandkids and the opportunity to dish out some parenting advice of your own.