Our life insurance policies offer you
benefits and features that bring peace of mind.

Waiver of Premium

This benefit gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you were to suffer a serious long-term illness or injury, and become totally disabled, your family or business will remain protected by your insurance. We will waive all premiums that are due during total disability if we are given proof of total disability and such total disability has then existed continuously for at least six months.

Policy Conversion

The conversion option allows you to exchange your term policy for a universal life insurance policy. The key advantage of the conversion option is that when exercised, the new universal life policy will be issued at the same underwriting class as your existing term. Should a change in your health occur, you would be exempt from a change in underwriting class.

Conversions can be requested anytime within the duration of the guaranteed level premium period, up to attained age 70, whichever comes first. Policies issued at age 66 or over are convertible during the first five policy years.

Flexible Payment Schedule

Policy premiums can be paid by the following options to fit your needs: Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly and Monthly. Premiums are usually calculated on an annual payment basis. If you prefer to pay premiums more frequently than annually, the total premium will be higher.

Premium payments through automatic bank drafts to your account are a popular method of payment. This method of payment is commonly referred to as electronic funds transfer, EFT, or pre-authorized checking, PAC. The automatic payment method is available for all premium bill modes. You may also pay by check for annual, semi-annual or quarterly premiums. An automatic bank draft is required for a monthly premium payment.

Term Riders

Laddering life insurance coverage is a way to get the right amount of protection for right amount of time. The Term Rider is an additional insurance rider that provides temporary coverage for a period shorter than what the base policy provides. Using the Term Rider is a cost effective way to protect yourself from being over- or under insured - as your financial responsibilities change over time. For example, you can start with a 30-year base plan and add a 20-year rider to cover your mortgage payoff and a 10-year rider to protect funding a child's education.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

It might be tough to imagine, but sometimes a terminal illness is a fact of life. With this rider, the death benefit can be paid prior to the insured's death if he or she is facing a qualifying terminal illness. The maximum accelerated death benefit amount is the lesser of $500,000 or 75% of the policy's primary death benefit, less any policy loan. The accelerated death benefit is treated as a lien, which accrues interest. Upon the death of the insured, the death benefits payable are reduced by the total accelerated death benefit lien.

Children's Rider

The Children's Life Insurance Rider provides death benefit protection for families with one or more children. A single rider covers all eligible children to the earlier of the child's 25th birthday, the insured's 65th birthday or policy termination. The rider cost is level in all years. It can only be added at the time the OPTerm policy is purchased.

Waiver of Premium is available for ages 20-55 for all term series products, with the exception of OPTerm 30 tobacco rated cases where Wavier of Premium is available for ages 20-50. Coverage ceases at attained age 65 for term plans. Waiver of Premium is an optional benefit. To obtain coverage one must apply and qualify for the benefit and pay an additional premium. See policy form #ICC09 WPTR and state variations for full benefit description, requirements and exclusions.

Additional Term Insurance Riders, form AIR (1-11) and state variations. Not available in all states.

Children's Life Insurance Rider, form ICC14-CLIR and state variations. Available at time of purchase if the policy insured is between the ages of 20 and 55, nearest birthday. Not available in all states.