LGA embraces change with Salesforce and key partners

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As a top provider of term life insurance in the US, Legal & General America (LGA) continues to improve our ability to support its customers. An important goal for the organization is to focus on developing agile processes and to leverage data to work smarter, not harder. With the help of key relationships, LGA has ushered in digital transformation across marketing and sales with Salesforce.

The life insurance industry has seen a shift in the last decade. Today, how consumers buy life insurance is different. More customers are seeking options to buy online or over the phone. According to LIMRA, consumer preference for an online sales option grew from 17 percent in 2011 to 29 percent in 2020.

LGA continues to develop technology to support the shift to more online transactions. Whether a customer works with an advisor or chooses to apply online, transformation is happening behind the scenes. To accommodate for the changes in consumer behavior, LGA leveraged the Salesforce CRM, AppExchange partners, and financial industry consulting leaders to customize the platform and scale processes for all sales channels from our direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales center, digital partnerships, and Brokerage General Agencies.

Embracing Salesforce

High-caliber work requires top-of-the-line tools to support it. LGA chose Salesforce to support marketing campaign operations and sales-funnel management. LGA's Salesforce Administrator, Heather Shelton, is on the front lines of this process transformation. She has focused on aligning various teams within one system, and creating a more agile approach to testing and development.

Under the leadership of Sarah Bennett, VP, Head of US Marketing and Steve Burton, VP,  Customer Experience & Marketing Analytics, LGA selected expert consultants, Silverline, to be an extension of the in-house team.


Silverline specializes in the Financial Services industry. They're known for their ability to plan and implement strategy and provide ongoing support to empower their customers. They equipped LGA with the knowledge and tools to bring more value to our Salesforce implementation.

Shelton says, "Silverline allows us to extend our in-house capabilities and optimize Salesforce which, in turn, allows me to continue to grow and scale processes and automation for LGA’s sales and marketing teams. Empowering LGA’s teams is my focus – I do that through continuous improvements to the platform and helping users leverage native and custom functionality that drives their workflows. When employees have access to great tools like Salesforce, they can be empowered to deliver the type of world-class customer experience LGA is known for."

Read more about the project with Silverline.


Silverline recommended pairing their consulting services with Salesforce DevOps experts Gearset. With the ability to enhance LGA’s Salesforce DevOps processes, they were an obvious choice. They provide more robust delivery capabilities including streamlining of comparison and problem analysis steps and the addition of rollback abilities. This work helps ensure all platform enhancements are deployed successfully.

For Shelton, improving Salesforce development deployment has been invaluable. "We want the end-to-end development to deployment experience to be easy, transparent, and free of the fear that changes we’re deploying are negatively impacting users. Gearset gives us that extra edge of confidence that when we’re deploying changes, particularly into production, that we’ve covered our bases. Now, I’m excited about deployments" she says.

Learn more about the partnership with Gearset.

Streamlined and Moving Forward

These strategic relationships, alongside the advanced training and support, have provided LGA with a much-needed resource boost, strengthening its customer-first mindset. 

Shelton reflects, “We’ve increased our user base 500% since I started at LGA. It’s a dynamic platform delivering on new features and functionality three times per year. On top of our business needs and security considerations, the pace of change is exciting. With these strategic relationships, we’ve built a foundation that will continue to elevate LGA’s sales and marketing operations.”

She adds, “Salesforce is an exciting platform. We continue to leverage best-in-breed tools to empower our business and users. We're able to deliver a world-class experience for both our employees and customers. And, I'm really proud of this work.”