Banner Life & William Penn

We sell our products underneath the Legal & General America brand. 

Who we are

Banner Life and William Penn operate as the twin engines of the Legal & General America machine, continuing to administer and deliver the highest level of products and customer service. Both companies have grown together with a shared success. Banner Life operates in 49 states including D.C., while William Penn operates in New York. 

At the heart of our business is a genuine concern about our policyholders. We deeply believe in the value of life insurance protection because we know how beneficial it can be. You can count on us to help provide financial security for your loved ones in the event you are no longer here to do that yourself. We are financially strong, fiscally responsible and committed to business practices that will make sure we will be here when you need us most.


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Our timeline

1981: Legal & General Group forms Legal & General America to serve American customers directly and buys Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO) and its NY affiliate. 

1982: The GELICO name is changed to today’s Banner Life Insurance Company.

1989: Legal & General Group buys William Penn (who’s parent company is Banner Life Insurance Company). 

Present Day: Banner Life and William Penn are still the companies underwriting and issuing our insurance policies but work together under our Legal & General America umbrella.

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