Congratulations, you're having a baby! Now what?


First off, congratulations on the exciting news! What a joy to be expecting a new bundle of, well, joy. And if your baby has already arrived, welcome to life as a new mom or dad. 

Parenthood is one of life’s greatest adventures – but chances are, you might be feeling somewhere between over the moon and very overwhelmed. The truth is – as only a few will actually admit – no matter how much you research or how many experts or other parents you talk to, parenthood is something you can never really be totally prepared for. This journey comes with a series of daily challenges that will test your patience, will, and overall endurance. 
But despite it all, parenthood really will be one of – if not the most – rewarding adventures you will ever have. You’ll experience every triumph and precious moment as your child grows. Take time to celebrate those, and you’ll always be reminded that the challenges are worth it.

Preparing for Baby’s Future 

If your new little bundle is already here, you know that sleep training, feeding, and cleaning a baby takes a huge amount of energy and patience. It’s likely you now understand what it means to be sleep deprived and a little off-kilter. Even finding time to shower is hard. And, with a new baby, the smallest trip out of the house requires precision planning and a ridiculous amount of gear.
We understand that you can hardly plan for the next day (it really does get easier!), let alone make decisions that will affect your child’s life 10, 20 or even 30 years down the road. But the decisions you make now will help set your newborn or baby-to-be up with the security they need to forge ahead. That’s where we come in. At Legal & General America, we want to simplify the steps it takes to make sure your family is protected long term.
Let’s start with the basics. Your growing family is dependent on your (or your partner’s) income for life’s essentials – food, clothing, and shelter. But what happens if the unexpected occurs and that source of income is no longer available?  
Life insurance is the safety net. Life insurance means your family won’t have to go without the essentials or struggle to find ways to make ends meet. Simply put – and this can be difficult to even think about – if you or your spouse are no longer here to financially support your family, a life insurance policy ensures your family has the money they need to cover the loss of income.

What happens if you risk it?

By choosing to forgo taking out a life insurance policy, your family could face the following hard questions if something were to happen to you:
  • How will we pay the mortgage? 
  • What about the car payment and other monthly bills, like gas and electricity?
  • Will I be able to afford to pay for my children's college education?
Being a parent comes with its fair share of stress and challenges (many of which are totally out of your control), but your family’s financial security doesn’t have to be one of them. We can help you get started with life insurance and setup a safety net for your growing family. We are here to answer your questions and keep the process simple. After all, as a new parent, you have enough on your plate already.

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