Digital application platform FAQs

Will LGA add in more vendors?

We are working on adding more vendors and additional functionalities.

iPipeline does not require an email address, what can the agent do?

The email address is a requirement to send the link. Please encourage the agents to get the client’s email address and add it to the drop ticket.

What changes can we expect for third party vendor users?

There are currently no changes for users. Once the drop ticket is received it will be reviewed to determine if it qualifies for the digital application. If it does, then the link will be sent to the client. 

What type of communications will be sent?

The applicant will receive:

  • Initial email
  • Email reminders will be sent on the 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 15th day if the application has not been completed
  • Thank you for your application email
  • Response to memo email (if needed)
  • Edited application email (if needed)
  • Decision email

The BMGA1 will be blind copied on the following applicant emails:

  • Initial email
  • Day 15 reminder email
  • Response to memo (if any)
  • Decision email

When will the general agency receive the application or case package notifications?

This is not currently available. However, there is a plan to build this as a future enhancement.

Is there an option to hold a case after a decision is made?

This is not currently available. However, there is a plan to build this as a future enhancement.

Is the information on the portal entered into the MIB? If so, how quickly is it added?

Yes, this information is entered at the time of final decision.

If the client gets an instant decision and places the case, will LGA order an APS post placement and possibly rescind the policy?

Exam-free cases may be monitored post-issue to confirm the disclosures provided by the applicant. Information may be reviewed and for any material differences. Cases in which we discover any material differences will be addressed accordingly, including rescission if appropriate.

What information is included in the Lexis Nexis score?

LexisNexis includes motor vehicle history, public record and financial information.

Can a policy be removed from the digital application platform?

No. If the applicant does not receive an instant approval, the policy will be underwritten within the platform. 

Is there an option to have the agent/agency conduct the interview?

Not currently, but there is a plan to build this as a future enhancement.

If required, who orders exams, APSs and other reports?

The applicant will be able to schedule the exam once they have finished completing the application. LGA will order all APSs and other necessary requirements.

Can the link be resent to the applicant?

The access to resend a link is available to anyone who can view the policy on the Partner Dashboard. Click into the policy and the option to resend the link is on the right-hand side.

What happens if the link expires and the applicant decides to move forward with the application?

The agent will need to drop a new ticket.

How long is the digital application link active?

The link is active for 30 days.

If a client starts the application, can they leave and pick up where they left off?

Yes, there is a save and exit option. They will need to re-verify their information if they decide to stop the application and come back at a later time.

Is the application available in a language other than English?

Our application is only available in English. 

Is a client email address required?

Yes, an email address is required in order to be eligible for the digital application. 

Does an agent need to be appointed before dropping a ticket?

Yes, the agent must be appointed with Banner Life for their clients to be eligible for the digital application.

How can the agent tell the difference between a digital application and an AppAssist application?

We are working on different indicators/status for digital applications; the easiest way to differentiate is by the policy number: Digital application – ‘500000xxxx’ AppAssist – ‘181xxxxxx’.

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