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Decrease cycle times with the Horizon Experience

Get less APS requests with the Horizon Experience

Our digital application platform offers shorter application times, faster decisions, reduced cycle times and greater flexibility for you and your clients. Learn more about how we’re simplifying life, so you can protect more families. 

We’re enhancing our Horizon Experience* to significantly reduce APS requests. These enhancements will get your offers delivered quicker and streamline your business process.

APS orders are no longer required for the following age groups and face amounts*:

  • ages 20-50 up to $2M (implemented in May of 2021)
  • ages 51-60 up to $2M (implemented in January of 2022)

When we implemented this enhancement for ages 20-50, we saw a reduction in APS requests as high as 20%. We anticipate an even greater impact for ages 51-60.

Advisors can also expect:

  • decreased cycle time
  • increased instant decision rates
  • increased light touch decision rates

To learn more about the seamless delivery, view the flyer or visit our underwriting resource page.

*The digital application is available for Banner Life business only at this time and is not available in NY.
**If Standard NT or better, subject to full disclosure on the application (Part 1 and Part 2).  



Self-service can reduce turnaround times by 1-2 business days in each step of the process.

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Clients breeze through application process in 15 minutes or less


Faster cycle times mean commissions are paid faster


90% of clients accept offers made for Standard and better ratings

Resources for advisors and clients

APS Enhancements FAQs

APS Enhancements FAQs


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A Tool To Help You


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