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Give your clients a better way to get the life insurance protection they need — with the simple, fast, and personalized process they want.

A hassle-free digital experience for advisors and clients

At LGA, it’s been our goal to simplify the life insurance process and make it easier to protect more families. While the landscape of life insurance and technology continues to evolve, our business will always be about the people behind the thinking.

Whether you start an app using our Advisor-Assisted Application for your client or use a third party site, our digital platform with built in accelerated underwritingreduces cycle time and provides greater flexibility for both you and your clients. Exam substitution is available too, boosting overall lab-free approvals to more than 60 percent for digital cases.

After approval, we've got you covered with a streamlined delivery process in which clients can receive an offer then pay, finalize and download their policy in minutes.

Key Benefits

Improved Client Experience

  •  Online, mobile-friendly application
  • Streamlined application questions reduce time and effort
  • Clients can schedule a phone interview if they need help

Faster Decisions

  • Reduces the need for exams/labs for eligible customers
  • Approvals or the need for medical evidence determined in real-time during the application process

Better Case Management

  • Case status feeds and document download
  • Reduced cycle time
  • In-good-order applications

How the digital application platform works:

How to get your clients covered

  1. Start an application using our Partner Dashboard or Advisor App, or through iPipeline and other vendor platforms
  2. The client is emailed and/or texted an online application link (phone option is available)
  3. Reflexive application questions integrated with data collection for faster decisions
  4. The application is signed electronically and an exam will be scheduled if needed
  5. If eligible, the policy will be approved and issued exam-free

Eligibility criteria

  • All Issue Ages
  • All Coverage Amounts
  • All states except New York

Download underwriting accessibility & eligibility flyer

Training resources

For more information and access to our training presentation, please contact a member of our sales team for assistance.


Drop a Ticket (Applicint)

How to Complete the Advisor Assisted Application

How to Complete the Advisor Assisted Application


Set Preferences via Partner Dashboard


Drop a Ticket (Partner Dashboard)

Business Insurance

Business Insurance


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Application Manager - Training (1/21)

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Advisor App - Training (5/21)


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Training Videos

Check out our featured videos narrated by our experts to help guide you or you can watch our full suite of training videos on YouTube > 

Don't just take it from us. See what our partners are saying...

“You have, by far, the most flexibility with ways that we can send you an application or our clients can complete an application.” 
“What you’ve done with [the digital application platform] is incredible. I still can’t believe that you are automatically ordering an APS as soon as the client signs an app.” 
“You are the only carrier doing simultaneous APS and EHR ordering. Some are ordering an EHR and it is taking five days to see that there are no results and then they order an APS.” 

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A Tool To Help You


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