Ready, set, grow

Growing means different things to everyone — and we embrace that. Here are seven ways to yield more business this spring (and every season).

1. Drop & Go Method

It just might be the most productive five minutes of your day

When you or your top advisor has five more prospects they want to talk to before 5 o’clock, they don’t want to be bogged down by admin work. Start an app using our Advisor-Assisted Application with just 10 data points and we’ll take it from there — so you can focus on your next client.

Our Advisor-Assisted App is a leader in the industry as it offers extensive flexibility. 

Let's go


"The agencies I work with are using the Drop & Go method and agree it's the easiest way to sell life insurance. All we need is a few pieces of information from you so that your client can apply digitally or over the phone with our dedicated call center."

— Zack Nagel, Direct Marketers, VP at LGA

2. Horizon Control CenterFlexibility and customization at your fingertips

As part of Partner Dashboard and Application Manager, GAs have control over which updates agency staff/advisors receive — from broker access and commission statements to the underwriting path and final decisions. Check out the Preferences section of Partner Dashboard to get started. For advisors, get in touch with your GA for more info. 


Excerpt from our experts: “We don’t have any control over the process with other [carriers]. You let us have as much control as we want.”  — Distribution partner


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3. OPTerm 40

The affordable solution to permanent products

If you have clients who want a longer “set it and forget it” solution, LGA is one of the only companies in the country to offer a 40-year level term product. It’s an affordable alternative to permanent products and a great way to coast into retirement (we’re talking about your client and you).

Learn about the long haul

Pro-Tip-Green Know any parents of college kids? Let them know that financial security into their 60s makes a great graduation gift. — Jen Teeters, Business Development Leader

4. Term Riders

Stacked coverage — custom fit for your clients

Let’s say your prospect is shopping for a 30-year term policy. It’s the perfect time to talk about stacking up to three term riders to provide the right amount of coverage for every stage of life. No additional policy fees. One easy payment. And one happy client. Stacking can save clients $2,700 over the life of a 30-year policy.

Start saving for your clients


Market Term Riders to your clients as one policy with premiums that decrease over time instead of using jargon like “stacking” or “laddering” policies. — Evan Shaffer, Senior Marketing Analyst



5. Lab Lift

It’s just what the doctor ordered

You asked for it, you got it. Lab Lift is another LGA exclusive — developed with partner feedback to eliminate exams. If you're looking for an easy and exam-free experience for your client and faster commissions for you, look no further! With Lab Lift, clients who are not initially approved exam-free now have the option to substitute recent electronic health records (EHR), or an attending physician statement (APS) for a paramedical exam. Done and done.

Excerpt from our experts: “[LGA is] the only carrier doing simultaneous APS and EHR ordering. Some are ordering an EHR and it is taking five days to see that there are no results and then they order an APS.” — Distribution partner

Use Lab Lift

6. Get More, Get Less

Customize your customers’ coverage on the fly

Through our Horizon Experience, your case manager can help you customize face amounts, product duration and billing frequency after the initial policy is approved. Whether your client is thrilled at how low their rate came in or they got a little sticker shock, you can upsell more coverage or scale it down based on your clients’ budgets.


Once your client is approved, use our slider tool to instantly calculate higher or lower coverage amounts and monthly premiums. You’ll never have to back to the drawing board for reissues (another LGA exclusive).

Customize coverage


7. In-force Customer Marketing: Do nothing and get paid more 


Once a policy is active, we continue to support clients' needs through various direct marketing campaigns, including Accidental Death and 'End of Term' offers. The great news is that you and your advisors receive full compensation, so sit back and watch your commission statements for potential extra money coming your way.

This is just one more way we partner together to protect families and businesses' financial futures.

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